Multi-Day Adventure Sea Kayak Tours

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks' guided tours with certified and experienced guides

Halfmoon Guided Tour

Our Halfmoon Guided Tour is suitable for first time paddlers with some camping experiences. Families with teenagers will find this tour to have reasonable paddling durations and good camp site options. Perfect for base camping with day excursions.

Sea Kayaking tours with certified guides

Malaspina Guided Tour

Our Malaspina Tour is suitable for intermediate or first time adult paddlers with some camping experiences. Paddlers will find this tour to have reasonable paddling durations with roomy and smaller camp site options. Experience in back country camping recommended.

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks' guided tours Salish Sea

Sabine Channel Guided Tour

Sabine Channel would be a tour enjoyed by physically fit adventure types seeking longer paddling days. Sea kayaking experience is highly recommended for this adventure. Tour planning allows a minimum of four days with at least a full day buffer in the event we’re waiting a weather change for exposed crossings. This tour is scheduled with a start date and flexible finish date.

Halfmoon Sea Kayak’s entire fleet is made up of single and tandem fiberglass and thermoform ocean touring kayaks. Our manufacturers include, Delta Kayaks, Atlantis and Seaward.

3 day tours are designed to be relaxing and comfortably paced exploring. Camping experience is recommended so you are aware of what you may need personally to be comfortable and well rested for each paddling day.

4 day tours can include longer open water exposure that may require an advanced level of fitness for extended paddling periods or changing marine weather conditions.

Expedition length tours take place in remote locations. Paddlers should expect different weather and sea conditions including fog and ocean swell. Due to space limitations fewer comfort items can be stored. Backcountry camping experience will be an asset for these trips.

Your guide(s) will assist in managing risk and will help to make the most of your touring area, rather than assuming a Sherpa or servant role. All participants touring with us should be expecting to work together in camp and exploring under the guidance of the trip leader (the lead guide). In coordination with the groups interests, teaching and other land based activities can be enjoyed during the tour. Your guide, with their equipment and training, will add an additional level of safety and marine navigation skill to your tour.

Food planning starts as soon as your tour is confirmed to be “running” (open next question). From information gathered we will introduce and discuss your options individually and as a group. Food will be customized to suit any dietary needs and budgets. The best thing about kayak tripping is you don’t carry the food on your back, which will allow for many more options.

Step 1 – Check out our scheduled trip dates to see if any fit within your time window.

Step 2 – If the scheduled tour is one that suits you, call us or book online with a 10% deposit to register for the tour.

Step 3 – We will respond to your online booking with the current status of your chosen tour.

Open, Running or Full

  • Open – the tour has interested participants but has not reached the minimum number to run. In this event, registered participants can hold their seat until a predetermined date while waiting or helping to look for other paddlers to join.
  • Running – the tour has the required number of participants. Planning is underway for it’s launch date and still has seats available.
  • Full – Tour has been closed to adding paddlers due to guide to group ratio limits or launch date being too close.

Step 4 – When a tour reaches the “running” stage, planning packages are sent out via email. These will include:

  • Helpful resources for travel and accommodation surrounding your kayaking tour dates
  • Detailed packing lists for you with a list of items we will provide
  • Food planning correspondence
  • Medical/allergy forms and waivers

Step 5 – Call us any time with your last minute questions.

Step 6 – Launch day! Meet and greet on the beach before packing our gear. Trip briefing with a pre launch snack. Days of fresh air filled marine adventures.