Skills and Certifications
Halfmoon Sea Kayaks - Kayaking First Skills

*$119 /person

Saturday Mornings
3 - 4 Hours
Halfmoon Sea Kayaks - Sup Board First Skills

*$80 /person

Thursday Eves or Saturday Mornings
2 Hours
Kayaking First Skills

First Skills Introduces first timers to paddling a kayak in calm, sheltered water. Rescue techniques at this level incorporate the use of a paddling partner. It is essential for all new paddlers to travel on the water with others who have been trained in the techniques of assisted rescues.

Conditions - Waters calm to rippled

 Overview of HSK First Skills

  • Wet Exit
  • Retrieving a swamped kayak
  • Assisted rescue
  • Rafting
  • Lifting and carrying a kayak
  • Forward and reverse paddling
  • Forward and reverse sweep strokes
  • Draw strokes
  • Safety equipment
  • Paddles
  • Injury Prevention
SUP First Skills

First Skills Introduces first timers to paddling a stand up paddle board in calm, sheltered water.

Length - 2 hrs., Class ratio - 1:6, Location - Sechelt Inlet with easy landing options and wind protection. Conditions - Waters calm to rippled.

Overview of HSK First Skills - Lifting and carrying a board, Forward and reverse paddling, Forward and reverse sweep strokes Draw strokes Boat Outfitting Clothing Safety equipment Paddles Injury Prevention SUP resources

Paddle Canada Certification - Level One Skills

Level One provides the skill and knowledge for day trips in sheltered waters (non-wilderness areas). Successful completion of Level One indicates competence to paddle a sea kayak within a sheltered bay in the company of one or more paddlers with Level One or greater skills and knowledge.

Prerequisites - Paddle Canada Intro certification or equivalent skill and knowledge.

Length - 12 hrs min, Class ratio - 1:6, Location - Sheltered waters w uninterrupted landing options

Conditions - Light winds (0-11 knots) Current (0-0.5 knots) Sea state calm to light chop.

 Overview of PC Sea Kayaking Level 1 Skills

  • Wet Exit 
  • Unassisted re-entry 
  • Assisted re-entry 
  • Towing
  • Communication/signals
  • Forward stroke 
  • Brace low/high
  • Sweep
  • Draw
  • Stern Rudder 
  • Equipment
  • Journeying and seamanship 
  • Safety
  • Kayaking resources
Evolution Assistant Guide Training

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks together with Evolution Guide School will, again be offering ACSKG guide training on the Sunshine Coast! This is a 6 day course on the Salish Sea. Kayaking skills and camping experience is strongly recommended. Course date for Spring 2020 will be May 3rd thru May 8th. Halfmoon Sea Kayaks offers substantial discounts on kayak rentals for early registrations (before April 1st, 2020).  


Halfmoon Sea Kayaks Rolling Clinics

One on one ocean rolling lessons are available for paddlers who know the principle techniques involved with rolling and would like help putting it all together.

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