Personalized Skill Development for Beginner to Intermediate Paddlers

Welcome to the wondrous world of sea kayaking. Here are a few questions to explore when your looking to expand your paddling skillsets but uncertain where you would like to begin.

Where am I Paddling?

Where you intend to paddle your kayak should be your first question in deciding the skill level you will want to acquire. Your paddling playgrounds are somewhere between non-challenging protected waters and remote exposed coastlines.

Average Duration of Journey?

Another aspect to consider is how long you aspire to spend on the water. The longer you intend to be out, the more change in sea state and weather conditions you may experience. Changes in these conditions can happen quickly and it’s important to be aware and prepared for these challenges.

Solo or Group?

We love the opportunity to share skills and to invite new paddlers to our community! Paddling in groups also provides an extra level of safety if you are new to kayaking. As you can imagine though, paddling alone can be quite serene. With a little extra training and practice, solo paddling can also be a reasonably safe activity.


Click into the course of your choice below, to see if we have dates scheduled that work for you. Custom dates can be arranged by phone or email, for groups of 4 or more, if desired.

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