Covid 19


Covid 19 Operating Hours and Closures 2021 - assessing weekly

NOTE: We are currently requiring all guests to wear face coverings while on our premises. - Thank you in advance for this inconvenience.

Halfmoon Sea Kayaks will open full time for the 2021 season in May. Online reservations will be encouraged in order to minimize contact during your visit. Payment and waivers can be completed during the online booking process with links through our automated confirmation emails.

Our Covid 19 Operating Procedures

We are taking every precaution with minimal crew to keep all of our guests and ourselves as safe from exposure as possible. Social distancing and sanitizing is the main focus of our adapted service procedures. When arriving at our beach site we may ask you to wait at our gate with social distancing in mind until we can welcome you in and guide you through the new set up as efficiently as possible. Reservations, at the moment, are staggered in availability and are highly recommended to decrease waiting times.

Provincial Parks

Provincial parks are now open for day and overnight use.

BC Parks Response to Covid 19 Website



Paddler's Challenge 2021 - July and August


We will delay our decision to run the Paddler's Challenge in hopes the situation has turned around enough to feel we have no worries about large group gatherings.

Some of our reasons for cancelling the season's series again;

Our decision is made mostly for the safety of our crew and their vulnerable family members. We feel it is safest to keep things as simple as possible for now. Although the activity of kayaking itself is safe enough in this environment, our new procedures for disinfecting our rental gear has made management of our equipment more complicated. We are continuing the streamlining of our business procedures as we learn along the way and feel that will be best accomplished focusing on one location (workplace) until we have it nailed and are comfortable to once again expand our services. Until then please don't hesitate to call us for local paddling information and get yourself out there regardless. Have a great Summer everyone! Hope to see you at our beach.